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Mr Munkowitz rang me up one day asking if I'd be interested in creating some title graphics for the 2012 Semi-Permanent conference. Munko has been such an awesome inspiration and mentor throughout the years that an opportunity to work with him was too good. My task was to design and animate the speaker titles that would accompany a short film he was making.


Munk was going full monkey with lasers, projections and dance. Knowing this I tried emphasizing elements to mimic the hotness. I played with type, color and geo shapes to emphasize those elements used in the short film. YouWorkForThem became a great location for Sevigne, a beautiful font for the speaker names. Other than that it was finding inspiration, of which Jarred Eberhardt and a few prismatic finds became inspiration for what came. For the final design I utilized patterns created for Mr Munk's intro along with some others that I animated as a backdrop. I slightly modified Sevigne and made an undulating prism created in C4D to create a refracted effect. Add a little blended color, refraction to illuminate the screen and piece some names together and bingo bang, titles were done.


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