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Guy Featherstone asked if I'd like to play with him and create a music video for Oscar Powell, a talented London based DJ. He had just signed with XL Recordings and his latest track was going to be a great opportunity to make something special. 7 damn minutes of frame by frame glitch'tastic disarray filled my mornings, days & nights. It turned out to be a great exercise in detail, focus and patience.


The structure of the film followed an email from Oscar Powell to music legend Steve Albini. Powell had sampled Steve's voice and respectfully asked for permission to use and release his track. Steve's reply was amazing enough to warrant a video of nothing but their emails. Guy Featherstone designed and directed the film with such simplicity. The addition of glitch added a great sense of tension to an already exciting conversation.


Motion Design
Concept Development


Design Director
Guy Featherstone

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