Clones |
An Auditory and Visual Study


This study stemmed from a simple curiosity of Cinema 4D and it's cloning system. While playing, however, a traumatic incident occurred involving my son. Following the event and my son's recovery I began to see this study as having a concept. This concept arose from the experience my wife and I shared. It gave me something to grasp onto while maneuvering the pure shit we all dealt with.


There was no concept when beginning this project. It's origination began a couple weeks into production, following a trip to the er. In that I found shots or camera moves suddenly had purpose. Essentially the entire piece is a visual journal into the unfamiliar and surreal. It's about being in the middle of an experience and having no words about your situation or surrounding. It's natural and recognizable, yet without comfort or familiarity. That is till the sun shines and birds fly. Even then however, questions were being asked with no answers, an experience that is both monolithic and intimidating as hell.

Outside of experimenting with Cinema 4D and Octane, this project was an experiment in minimalism. The goal was to subtly move throughout an environment with minimal action, relying on camera movement only. Unfortunately that was boring or I am too inexperienced to make that work, probably the latter. Without shifting the goalpost, we decided the clones could move with modifiers. Each scene was then textured with natural materials, such as rock or wood. When all these failed, we added birds.


Art Direction
3D Animation
Concept Development


Jeff Moburg

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