Amazon Prime |
2019 Comic Con Tower


This project was an amazing opportunity to work with Tool of NA and Amazon. The brief was to create a graphics package for Prime's Comic Con space. The space included a four-sided digital tower.


The team at Tool of NA had concepted an auditory and visual journey for Amazon Prime's Comic Con space. It included a four story tower wrapped in dichroic film. Dichroic film shifts colors based on the angle of viewing. This means reflected colors are different than colors in transmission. This dichroic visual effect was the inspiration and reference each video's background.


There were a couple challenges for this project. The main visual problem that needed solved was a screensaver. It's development needed to be a minute long and live as both content for the tower and premiere screen ratios. It also needed to be quickly rendered and enable semi-quick turn in the event of feedback. The end solution was a camera move across a basic geo built in Cinema 4d, and rendered with Arnold. The result was then used as the base of a pretty deep composite utilizing effects to distort chroma and RGB values across space, noise, time and color.


The initial design process yielded three results. I was hoping to play with xParticles and develop a scene that flowed across the stage. Unfortunately the mood and shape wasn't meshing with Prime's  geometric look for Comic Con. Despite not matching we were able to pull ideas and move forward. 


Concept Development
2D + 3D Animation


Creative Director
Aramique K

Art Director
Mau Morgó

Exec Producer
Julie Sourikoff
Rebeca Diaz

Zach Wright 

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